Be aware, there are many companies that make false claims when it comes to the health benefits of their hydration drinks.  ALWAYS check the nutrition facts to make certain that the products contain the nutrients you are seeking.  Remember, every product that has “nutritional value”, should be analyzed by a Nutritional Labeling laboratory.  Rescue Sports Water has been through this process to ensure that our customers are receiving a quality product.  Our water has been infused with the appropriate balance of electrolytes: potassium, sodium, and minerals.  The daily intake of electrolytes for children and adults should consist of, 3500mg of potassium and 2500mg of sodium.  Rescue Sports Water contains less than one-half gram of organic sugar which is not enough for our chemists to rate however; its presence is not only important but necessary as it aids the body in absorbing potassium (electrolytes), which can rehydrate your body faster.