Being a college athlete, Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, I became especially frustrated as I continued to hear of preventable catastrophic events that involved athletes, particularly the youth, due to dehydration and over-hydration.  As an athlete myself and a parent of children who participate in a variety of youth sports, I began to pay close attention to how I hydrated myself, as well as, my children.

I noticed that people were sticking to the old school/traditional methods of re-hydrating, i.e. sports drinks and water.  It was then that it dawned on me; water alone is not the solution.  I put my research skills to work.  I knew the human body needed more than water to prevent dehydration; I found that it also needed the proper amount/balance of potassium and sodium, better known as electrolytes.  Many believe that sports drinks are the answer.  While they may taste good, how effective are they?  The truth is they are not very effective at all.

Research conducted on sports drinks has proven that sports drinks can actually dehydrate you, due to the amount of sugar many of them contain.  Too much sugar tends to extract (pull) water out of our systems depositing it into our gut, which can ultimately dehydrate.  Because of the sugar and the chemicals, if we are not careful, sports drinks have the ability to pollute our bodies.  After trying many recipes and several taste trials, our company was able to come up with the first all-natural Sports water that can help keep the body’s potassium (electrolyte) levels balanced, yet maintain a smooth taste you will appreciate.  Our company is excited to say, with your support, Rescue Sports Water will become not just a household name, but a household necessity.